Member Card Travel

Travelling with your Member Card?

Important information you need to know before you leave home with your Member Card debit card.

What is Country Blocking?

Country Blocking is the process where credit unions block the use of your debit card in certain locations outside of Canada in order to prevent fraudulent activity and to protect the money in your account. This includes the United States.

Although CHIP cards have made a positive difference in reducing debit card fraud here in Canada, fraudulent activity continues to rise in countries that have not implemented this technology. As a result, all Canadian credit unions have placed blocks on countries where high rates of debit card fraud occur.

How do I ensure access to my Member Card when travelling?

If you're planning to travel anywhere except within Canada with your Member Card debit card, you must notify us at least two business days in advance. We can UNBLOCK your card before you go, at your request. This includes travel to the United States.

If you have any inquiries about Member Card access, please Contact Us before you depart for your travel plans.

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