How much does it cost to send and receive INTERAC® e-Transfers? Expand/Collapse

Community First offers unlimited free e-transfers for all personal chequing accounts. For business and organizations, a $1.25 fee per transfer applies.

Which phone numbers can I send INTERAC® e-Transfer notifications to? Expand/Collapse

An Interac e-Transfer notification can only be sent to a Canadian mobile phone number.

Can I deposit an INTERAC® e-Transfer into a bank account in another country? Expand/Collapse

No. Currently the Interac e-Transfer service is only available to those who bank at a Canadian financial institution and have a Canadian currency account.

I received a text message notification from 100001. What does this mean? Expand/Collapse

100001 is the short code address from which all text Interac e-Transfer notifications originate.

How long will it take to receive the money in my bank account? Expand/Collapse

Once the notification arrives, you have almost instant access to the money. Click the link that appears in the notification to log in to your online banking website and you will be able to access your funds.

How do members get started using INTERAC® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

To send an Interac e-Transfer, you need to have access to online banking. To do this, visit one of our Community First branches to sign up and obtain your Personal Access Code (PAC).

Is there an expiry date on INTERAC® e-Transfers? Expand/Collapse

Yes. The recipient has 30 days to accept the deposit from the sender.

How do I track an INTERAC® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

  • As a sender - Interac e-Transfer confirmation numbers are saved in your online banking history. In addition, you will receive an email notification and/or text message once the intended recipient has accepted the transfer.
  • As a recipient - You will receive an email notification and/or text message when the transfer is sent, indicating the amount as well as instructions for depositing it.

INTERAC® e-Transfer available to both Personal and Business members? Expand/Collapse

Yes. All members (both Personal and Business) can utilize this great feature.

What are the limits on the amount I can send and receive? Expand/Collapse

Sending Limits:

  • Per Transaction - $3,000
  • Per Week (7 days) - $10,000
  • Per Month (30 days) - $20,000

Receiving Limits

  • Per Transaction - $10,000
  • Per Week (7 days) - $70,000
  • Per Month (30 days) - $300,000

There is no minimum transfer amount for one transfer.