Internet Banking

Extended PAC

In addition to our existing safeguards, including encryption and security questions, we also offer out members extended Personal Access Code (PAC) as an additional layer of security for Community First online banking users. 

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When you first login to online banking, you will be prompted to change your current PAC to your new, Extended PAC. 

When you set your new PAC, you must comply within the following parameters:
  • Minimum of 10 characters
  • Maximum of 30 characters
  • Must contain 1 upper case character
  • Must contain 1 lower case character
  • Must contain 1 numeric character
  • Must contain 1 special character. Supported special characters include:

Special Characters  Comments 
! Exclamation Mark
@ At Sign
# Number Sign
$ Dollar Sign
( Left Round Bracket/Left Parentheses
) Right Round Bracket/Right Parentheses
- Hyphen
\ Backslash
/ Slash
| Vertical Bar/Pipe
? Question Mark
, Comma
. Period
: Colon
' Apostrophe/Single Quote

Please note: The last 5 passwords you've used cannot be used again.

The extended PAC will impact all devices currently used to access online banking (desktop/laptop computers, mobile platform and Community First app). 
Extended PAC will not impact telephone banking, which will retain your existing PIN. 

If you have any questions or require assistance setting up your extended PAC please contact the Service Excellence Centre at 1-866-942-2328 or visit your local branch. 

For general security tips for online banking, please click here.

Additional Information for MemberDirect Small Business Users

The delegate cannot successfully login until the business owner/signer has logged in first and updated to the new, Enhanced PAC.

If the delegate signs in before the business owner, they will receive an inactive status and not be able to login. Delegates with an inactive status will need to reach out to the business owner to restore their access.
To move the "inactive" delegate status to "active", the business owner will need to complete the following steps:
  1. The Business Owner will login and update to the new Enhanced PAC
  2. In Online Banking, go to Business Services – Add/Modify Delegates
  3. Select “Edit” next to the Delegates you need to update
  4. Change the Delegates status from Inactive to Active

Getting Started

With Community First Internet Banking, you can access your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

To get started, just visit one of our Community First branches to sign up and obtain your Personal Access Code (PAC).

Internet Banking is available in English and French.

Safe and Secure

To ensure your transactions are safe and secure, we use 128-bit encryption for all personal data, four levels of security including passwords, military level encryption, proven firewall technology, and observe strict business rules limiting what can be done over the Internet.

Internet Banking allows you to manage your finances in a secure environment.

Account Information

View all your accounts at a glance, access your MasterCard® credit card activity, and your Credential Direct® online brokerage investment activity & with Internet Banking you'll be able to filter and search transactions quickly using our enhanced Account Activity feature.

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AccountPlus gives you the ability to quickly and easily view your Credential® investment accounts directly on our Community First Internet Banking site.

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Transfer Funds

Schedule immediate, future-dated or recurring transfers.

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Payment Information

Add a Payee

Instantly create your bill payee list.

Pay Bills

Pay multiple bills and schedule future dated bill payments.

Recurring Payments

Schedule recurring bill payments and never miss a payment date.

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Stop Cheques

Create and cancel stop payments.

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View Cheque Images for FREE

Why wait until the end of the month to view what cheques have cleared your account. Now you can view images of your cheques instantly!

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Viewing your statements has never been easier, members can now view their statements online.

Electronic statements are the fastest and most convenient way to view your monthly statement.

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View your e-Documents easily and securely by using our e-Documents feature in Online Banking. Simply log in to your online banking, and select “View e-Documents” – from there you have the ability to print and download your T4RSPs, T4RIFs, NR4s, T5s, and OCRs, as well as Mortgage and Term Renewal notices.

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Account Opening

Now from the convenience of your home, take advantage of our new Account Opening feature and select the product that’s right for you. Online Banking now provides our members with the ability to open accounts online without having to contact the branch.

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PAC Reset

PAC Reset allows you to reset your Personal Access Code (PAC) and security questions when you have locked yourself out of Online Banking.

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