Member Benefits

Here, Modern Wealth Meets Local Growth

The times, they are a changein’ and we want to change with them. We want to break you out of that one-size-fits-all financial cage and introduce some more modern, truthier banking options. At Comunity First, our member's growing wealth comes first and we're focused on the greater benefit that wealth represents; a healthier and more prosperous community.

Are you fed up with big banks and bottom lines? Do you want to make your money matter? If you answered yes to either of these questions, a credit union might just be for you. We’re a financial cooperative which represents our member’s values because we’re 100% member-owned and invested in our shared community.

That makes us different, and we think that’s a great thing. Find out more about what sets us apart today.

Owned by Members Expand/Collapse

As a member, you’re also an owner. Giving you a share of the profits, and a say in how your money is used and your credit union is run.

Locally Owned and Operated, by You!
When you join Community First you become a bonafide shareholder with skin in the game and a vote that counts. When you profit, we all do, since our profits go right back to our members and the communities we serve.

Easy to Join
With no hidden fees or crazy service charges (we’re looking at you, banks) anyone can join! That means we all get to benefit from diverse voices governing our policies and allowing us to better adapt and reflect everyone's needs today. Talk about a competitive advantage.

Real Wealth for Real People Expand/Collapse

We’ll make sense of your finances, and put your needs above everything else.

Real Financial Change for All
Everyday people struggle with rising debt, dwindling savings, and skyrocketing house prices but the banks are more interested in the bottom line. At Community First, we put our members first, above everything else. How’s that for a change? We don’t shy away from financial conversations, instead, we offer straightforward honest advice and focus on rewarding our members with shared dividends, competitive rates, and special offers.

Grow your Money Locally Expand/Collapse

Shopping local keeps your money in your community and supporting your local economy. Banking locally does the same thing.

Share the Wealth
You don’t see many banks sharing their profits with their customers, but we're not most banks.  When you become a member of a credit union, you become an owner. That means when we make a profit -  you get a piece of it!

Profit from Local Investment
Keep your money close, and working for you in the community. Choosing to join a credit union means choosing to support your local community, and investing in the things you believe in. We give local businesses the support they need and donate a percentage of our pre-tax profits to community initiatives and charities. We invest in growing the local economy and creating more opportunities for everyone, including you.

Our Products are Better Expand/Collapse

The best financial products and 24/7 access to your money online, or from ding-free ATMs in one of the largest networks in Canada.

The Original Banking Solution
Banks have been copying off us for years. Did you know credit unions introduced virtually every banking innovation you take for granted, including ATMs, debit cards, online banking, mobile cheque deposits and payments? Get ahead of the curve by joining a credit union and enjoying the total package; competitive rates, special offers and the latest in customized, innovative banking solutions.

24/7 Access and Benefits
Enjoy Interac® PLUS, Direct Payment and 24-hour access to your money with 2,300 full-service ding free ATMs across Canada and convenient online and over the phone banking. If you need it, we’ve got it.

The Best Service Can Get Expand/Collapse

Award-winning service coupled with a serious commitment to the well-being of our members, employees, and community.

Award-Winning Service
Credit Unions can offer the best online and mobile banking in Ontario, as well as the best branch service and overall excellence, we’ve won awards for all four. At Community First, we’ll always call you by your name because that’s what neighbours do.

Serious Social Commitment
We’re committed to the best quality service to our members along with developing products and policies that support the well-being of our membership, employees, and community. As an Imagine Caring Company, we donate a high percentage of our pre-tax profits to charities and local organizations.


Even Safer Than Banks Expand/Collapse

More accountability, fewer restrictions, and bigger, better coverage. We’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your financial future secure. 

Safer Money
Typically, a bank will insure up to $100,000 on registered deposits (with lots of restrictions and red tape). We cover non-registered deposits up to $250,000 with fewer restrictions, and we’ve got your back with unlimited coverage on registered deposits like RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs.

More Accountability
Too big to fail, but too small to forget where we came from. Unlike a bank, our owners are our members, and we’re accountable to them. At a bank, a record profit year goes directly into the pockets of financial fat cats. We return it to our members in dividends - we’ve given more than 2.5 million back since 2005 - that’s real money in your pocket just for joining. Your share also means you have a vote in electing our board, you can even run for the board to help run the place. Now that’s accountability.