Special Offers

Community First Mastercards are packed with benefits, including a variety of specials to get the most out of your spending. Check out these great offers!

Enjoy 5.9% on balance transfers

Receive a 5.9% annual interest rate on balance transfers to any Community First Mastercard.

By taking advantage of this special rate, you’ll get to:

  • Consolidate your balances and pay only one interest rate on balances

  • Save on annual fees from multiple cards

  • Enjoy this 5.9% balance transfer rate on as many balance transfers as your credit card limit allows for the next six months from the date of transfer

Click here or contact your branch for details.

Bonus reward points when you sign up for a Community First Mastercard

From November 1 to December 31, 2021, receive 10,000 bonus reward points on the following new fee-based card accounts:

  • Consumer World/Infinite and Platinum/Infinite business cards

  • Travel Rewards cards

  • Centra Gold cards

Click here or contact your branch for details.

3.9% balance transfer for CUETS cardholders

Receive an exclusive 3.9% rate on balance transfers for 6 months when you move your CUETS or MBNA card to Collabria. Use the promo code "2021" to take advantage of this great offer!

Click here or contact your branch for details.