Community Mortgage Referral Program

The Community First Community Mortgage Referral Program rewards worthy organizations for your referrals. Simply make a referral to Community First for a new membership or a new-to-Community First mortgage, and we will contribute a donation of up to $500 to the organization or charity of your choice.

The reward tiers for your referral are as follows:

  • Mortgage referral closed $150k or lower: $250 contribution.*
  • Mortgage referral closed $150K or higher: $500 contribution.*
  • Any other closed business at a minimum value of $5,000: $50 contribution.**

At Community First, we are always looking for new ways to support the communities where we all live, work, and play. And since you are a Community First member (or at least thinking about it), we know that you’re community-minded and interested in investing locally. Together, we can work together to put more funds into worthy local organizations.

If you know of a potential referral for a new-to-Community First mortgage or a potential new member who can bring new business to Community First, click on this form and fill it out to bring it to the branch nearest you.

Available for a limited time. Terms and conditions of this program can be altered or cancelled without notice. Organization must meet requirement criteria as set by Community First/YNCU. Bonuses are not eligible when referred by a source that is already receiving a referral reward (e.g. mortgage broker, car dealership, etc.)

*Must be a new mortgage to Community First/YNCU.

**Must be a new member to Community First/YNCU.